We are a business marketing strategy consulting firm that partners with companies to help them determine what they do best,
who they should be targeting, how they’re better than their competitors and how to get their message heard.

Fractional CMO

Long-term, in-depth consulting: providing expertise in business strategy, market positioning and brand image development.

Project Consulting

Strategic and tactical planning: develop solutions to individual business challenges.


Strategic thinking and functional marketing: accelerating the growth and impact of internal marketing leadership.


We serve young companies developing their unique positioning, established companies ready to translate their vision into a
plan, as well as mature organizations looking to grow.

Strategic positioning

We help businesses establish unique market positioning, enabling the achievement of their strategic goals.

Clarification / development of vision

We help to define a company’s objectives/goals and translate their vision into actionable plans.

Strategic business growth

Optimize current business and penetrate new markets: guide the successful integration of mergers and acquisitions.

Strategic marketing

Development and implementation of strategic marketing plans: measure, monitor, assess and refine to achieve business ...

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The Team

Through strategic associations, we’re able to do what is needed to address your business challenges
and put you in position to achieve your vision.

Geoff McCarty

Founding Partner

Geoff has more than 30 years of experience across a wide range of industries; 

successfully positioning organizations to effectively compete and grow market share.

He’s a strategic thinker with the ability to translate plans into action and drive growth.

His strength is in strategic business planning, market positioning and brand development;

with diverse experience across a wide range of industries,

including retail, commercial, manufacturing, technology, and service.

In 2009, he founded and operated a strategic marketing consulting firm, MSM Consulting LLC;

which he subsequently has evolved into Growth Solutions

to broaden the scope of services provided by his company

and accelerate the growth of his clients’ businesses.